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[Game] Word Connect – Words of Nature

Word ConnectWord Connect Crossword Puzzles is a challenging word search and word connect game in which you try to solve amazing crossword puzzles!

Do you like word and spelling games? Improve your vocabulary and spelling skills while you discover beautiful natural elements and landscapes.

It’s simple: connect the different letters to find all the words and complete each level!

If you are a crossword or word search games fan you will love this game. Word Connect Crossword Puzzles has a modern design, beautiful images, many gameplay options, and thousands of challenging levels, so you will never be bored!

Some levels have special words that give you rewards, which are bonus words that are not present in the crossword puzzle but that are worth extra coins, and many other surprises.

If you feel up to the challenge, try the daily word challenge to win rewards. Got stuck? Use the power-ups to help you find the missing words!

Are you looking to improve or learn new vocabulary from different languages? Word Connect Crossword Puzzles is available in 11 different languages with a robust dictionary: US English, UK English, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese, German, Italian, Turkish, Swedish and Dutch.

Train your brain everyday with daily word games, crossword puzzles, word guess, and spelling games!

Download now and play this wordle and wordscapes type word guess and search game.

Key Features

Thousands of levels: with beautiful layouts;
Campaign mode: with increasing difficulty (words from 3 to 7 letters);
Daily Word Challenge: complete it to win rewards;
3 Power-ups available: hint, target, and multi-hint;
Special words: available in special levels;
Bonus words: for extra rewards;
Shuffle the letters;
Daily rewards;
Available in 11 different languages.

Can you master this vocabulary & spelling game?
Play and have fun with Word Connect Crossword Puzzles!

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Word Connect user reviews :

This game has great presentation but there are issues that are keeping me from enjoying it. Selecting letters when there are more than 4 is cumbersome. The selecting line will frequently lose track of which letters you are selecting. Also the dictionary is questionable. Especially in the daily challenges. Words that are proper names and places, and other odd words artificially pump up the difficulty.

  • Dear user, Thanks for your email. We are still improving our game. If you have any suggestions that can make us improve the user experience please send us an email to info[at]appgeneration.com and we hope to fix these issues as soon as possible in our next release. Best regards, Support team

Very good but too easy. May be it might get a bit challenging as the level goes up, hence the 4☆. Just started and on level 17 at the moment, so let’s wait and see how hard it will get with each level. So far so good.

This game was fun and challenging until they added the constant prompts to log in to FB before every puzzle and the “are you sure” prompt (with ad) on exit. I enjoyed trying to figure out some of the tough words. The constant annoying prompts caused me to uninstall.

  • Hi. Thank you for your feedback. We know that ads can be annoying, and we are sorry about that, but we need to show them in order to keep the app free for download and to keep working to improve it. You can support us and remove ads by in-app purchase. If you liked the game, we hope you can give it another try. We will try to balance ads better.

Education is a must. I love to test my mind and education, but there is more to being completely educated. I just can’t let it slide away, Co-vid is messing everything up, and because everyone I n this world between people is so secretive, it’s hard to make friends now. But I have never had a hard time with that.

Best word game so far, but I can’t connect words like lab, app, mage, recon, meta, mech, nope, gamer or cyber. And it has some annoying ads. Also, please bring the dictionary back into the daily challenges.

  • Hello, Thank you for your feedback! We are glad it’s the best word game so far for you :D. If you find any words that are not recognized by the game, please report them via the in-app dictionary. Your help and opinion is very important for us :) We’re bringing back the dictionary to the daily challenges in the next update, sorry about that! Regards

Looking for this type of game and I’m glad I found this. Gets difficult quickly which is nice. My only criticism, it would be nice if it had a tournament. also, It doesn’t seem to matter if you get the word wrong. It would be more challenging if you needed to get the word right the first time and you benefit from no mistakes in each round. Otherwise I’m enjoying it!

  • Hi! Thank you very much for this review. We are happy you are enjoying the game. We are thinking about including some challenging features in future updates and we will keep your suggestions in mind as well :). Maybe then we will deserve the 5 stars :D. Thank you!

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