Powerlust – Powers to satiate your lust for power

[Game] Powerlust – action RPG roguelike

Powerlust  During your studies as an Apprentice at the University of Magic, you’ve stumbled upon a powerful stone that greatly increased your magical powers.

Blazing through the semester with ease, you’ve discovered a deep, insatiable hunger inside of you. Knowing that slaying the dark creatures in the ancient crypt nearby will make you even stronger, you’ve decided to use your newly found powers to satiate your lust for power.

Powerlust is an action rpg roguelike with dark and creepy atmosphere.

This game is under ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT, I have many updates planned for it.
I’d appreciate any feedback, it will be a really huge help in further development.
Check out my twitter for constant updates.
It’s completely free, no ads.


action RPG roguelike gameplay
skill based gameplay
no auto fight mechanics
procedurally generated dungeons
plenty of items
character upgrades
plenty of enemies
plenty of spells, currently 12 in total ;] a few quests and conversations
2 boss fights
gamepad support

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Powerlust user reviews :

This is actually the only good Aarpg ever made for mobile device. It’s all you want from a rpg on mobile. Everything makes sense, doesnt have overcrouded menus where you dont know when to click and what it does…nothing like that. Clean and again….one best mobile arpg’s i’ve experienced.
  • Bartlomiej Mamzer
  • Thank you
About the only thing I liked about this game the magic, but even then with the upgraded abilities, it costs a lot of mana.(and didn’t see if there was a listing for how much damage it does.) Not fond of the top down view, (though I can live with it.)and lastly but not least…no character creation. But despite my complaints, I hope the dev continues with this project, would love to know if there is a fb group, website, mailing list to get updates, changes to the game, would love to try it again
  • Bartlomiej Mamzer
  • Hey. I think your best bet would be either my Twitter twitter.com/bartmamzer or the discord channel (link in the main menu of the game)
Fun game with lots of potential. Was having fun, but the top and bottom of the screen are missing, I have about 1 pixel to try and click buy/sell, I had to work the words out cos 90% of the text is cut off. The game uses the full screen, and my phone has a black spot at the top around the camera, other games have a cut off below the camera so nothing can be covered. The normal diff description is only half a sentence for me as well. Phone is a Sony xq-ad51. Keep at it, look forward to updates.
  • Bartlomiej Mamzer
  • Thanks for the phone name, I’ll take a look! I have a relatively wide screen on my phone, but I guess there might be some that are even wider. I test on different resolutions but wouldn’t think about the camera hole :D (I don’t have one), thanks for the hint.
I think this game has really good potential. The controls are a bit clunky, but it’s still playable. I had it set to the best graphics, and it kind of lagged up my device, but the graphics didn’t seem like they were to extreme. The big part that I like about this game is that the aspect ratio is perfect for widescreen phones, and the app icon also looks good on my home screen, unlike a lot of other apps and games. I am excited to see more future updates!
  • Bartlomiej Mamzer
  • Thanks! I test the game on a relatively wide screen, so I can see if something doesn’t work ;] Haha, I’m glad you like the icon, I recently changed it to one of the swords from the game, the previous icon was pretty bad:D
The game is actually quite interesting. But I have to say, the walking animation is a bit wonky, if you may. Maybe you can add a feature where the character would enter a battle stance when enemies get into a certain range. Our character looks like he is always ready to beat something up, even when there are no enemies. Also, a suggestion for the story mode; add in some secrets to find around the map. Maybe even some funny quotes or references of other games or movies. That would be interesting!
  • Bartlomiej Mamzer
  • Yeah, I plan to add a lot of interesting stuff to the story mode. As for the animation, yeah it would definitely make sense. In the meantime, if you want to switch the walking animation to something less battle ready you can cast any spell or do a roll, that will change the character’s stance.
The game looks like it has great potential, I love the graphics. It gives me a Diablo feeling. However, it looks like you play in endless maze runs. Please make it longer, and add town, quests, cities, potions you can buy. Also don’t forget to add chests.
  • Bartlomiej Mamze
  • Oh man, I keep forgetting about the chests. Thanks! For real! Don’t know why, but I always find something else to work on. Yeah, I plan to add more stuff in the future, sure.
Graphics are nice and runs great. Have a question though. Been looking for a Diablo style game and I’m curious if this game will eventually have some type of auto team up with players to complete dungeons with? More multiplayer and dungeon finder type? Maybe a main village where ppl can chat/buy/sell? Just seems kind of lonely playing and multiplayer is where it’s at. Thanks.
  • Bartlomiej Mamzer
  • I’ve added multiplayer mostly to play coop with friends. Preferably to play with voice communication or in the same room. Not sure how it would work with random people with no voice or chat. I guess in the meantime I could make some “join my game” channel on the game’s discord? Yeah, I plan to add a hub town to buy stuff in.
Only four stars due to lenght, loved the game, graphics, gameplay, map itself all brilliant, cant wait for further updates, as recommendations, i would say obviously, much much bigger map, much longer main story, tons of sidequests, more “dungeon” variants and looks for, crypts, caverns, outposts maybe, lots of random encounters with monsters, skellies, ghosts, vampires warewolves, human bandits also for random encounters to make traveling for location to location fresher longer aswell,
  • Bartlomiej Mamzer
  • Thanks! I’m glad you like it. I’m working on more content :) Edit: Just released a small content update, working on more stuff every day :)
Fighting I for me more addictive and smooth the idea of the game is awesome and that multiplayer already sold me on the game and that it has a single player aswell this game already have high hopes for me and keep it up this game looks awesome Respond : It is awesome there isn’t much games like this mostly MMOs and all that this feels like a good RPG game almost like a Diablo like game I love dungeon crawlers and I love the Armour what does actually appear on your character that GOT ME ALREADY
  • Bartlomiej Mamzer
  • Thanks! I’m glad you like the combat, I spent a lot of time on it :) Edit: yeah, I’m not that fond of most current mobile rpg games either. I base my design on old pc rpgs (Diablo games included).

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