Special Forces Group 2 – Shooter in real-time

[Game] Special Forces Group 2

Special Forces Group 2  3D First Person Shooter in real-time.

Singleplayer(with bots)
Multiplayer Online and Wifi router.
9 game mode (Classic,Resurrection,Capture the Flag,Zombie Mode,BombMode,Knives,Deathmatch,ArmsRace,Sniper)
Weapons Skins (134 pieces)
8 Characters per team
30+ Maps
9 Pistols
4 Shotgun
6 Submachine guns
12 Rifles
5 Sniper-rifles
3 MachineGun
3 Grenades
3 Bulletproof vest
10 Languages(English,Русский,Espanol,Deutsch,Francais,日本人,中国,Türk, Português, Indonesia)

AppStore: itunes.apple.com/us/app/special-forces-group-2/id1158672336
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ForgeGames-147566088986482/
VK: vk.com/forgegamesgroup

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Special Forces Group 2 user reviews :

This game is god tier. It looks like CS 1.6 It’s fun It has multiplayer, and offline. But it needs a better anti-cheat.

Yes I like this game.this has a new update amd i’m giving this 5 stars. But this problem was mine..I saw from my brother and my cousin.and I can’t play it. Sometimes your gun has a color. And some places you can go up and climb from zombie modes. The zombies can jump unlike the old one. I take serious talk about this game. This is a game called “Special Forces Group 2” and this has modes. This app is not a horror and it can be used by girls. You need guns to kill your enemies and thia one is fun

I love it! The graphics are good and my friend and I have been playing this game for years! But there are ads everywhere, but if you watch an ad you get money! So cool, I hope you could update this game again forge games like adding new maps, new skins, new weapons, and realistic features for the game! I hope you change your mind!

um…hey? i had alot of fun playing this game with my friends and its been a months since this game was updated, playing with bots is fine but there should be some improvements, such as like you or they command each other, bots must use the whole map every rounds but not too soon, maps should be a bit bigger since they are quite small, bot must know how to use a grenade and other kinds, they also need to know how to jump especially using shortcuts throughout the map, thx for reading! see ya soon

Is awesome, i hope you could add more Knifes and Weapons. Included skins, it should be epic, and maybe improve the graphics to make it more realistic, is an awesome game and i saw a future on it, I would like more Animations and Realistic skins, i mean of the Player, keep uploading and Adding more Stuff! I Love This Game

This game is cool and all but on zombie mode zombies literally keep dominating the game, even if I set the difficulty to extreme bots on the human side still can’t kill a single zombie and ends up getting wiped out resulting in me being left alone which is, very boring. You need to optimize the game as it still has many flaws. Giving 3 stars until you fix this problem

I really liked that game !! why because it has free skins, great places you can play, it also has it if you want games like zombie mode classic and more !! and the thing I like most about this game is the offline game !! you can play for free! because it will no longer use load or wifi !! this is really the most beautiful game app i have ever played, because here i plan to be a soldier because of how good i am to play it!

Mainly it’s good and interesting game, I was waiting for games like this can play via local Hotspot with my friends. But, there som bugs like little lags and som times the game crashed. You need to add invisible time after respon. I give you 3 stars and if fixe the problems may give you 4.5. Thank for your amazing work.

OMG…great game,good graphics,and love the new update,I just want to ask for the next upcoming update on this game to have a hide and seek match and a bigger map where there are vehicles and helicopters that other players can hop in and be a co-pilot or to use the guns on the vehicles or helicopter…I know this is much but it will be a bigger hit for u guys and yeah Thanks

This game is similar to CS GO. I think forgegames is working on a big update for this game soon i hope that it will be more realistic, more guns, new maps, added some freeze time seconds,Max rounds,and a minimap.ive been playing this game since 2016 so i really like this game its like a clone game of cs 1.6 and csgo so this is my #1 best games ive ever played . Keep up the good work forge games . I hope you have big update soon.This Game is made from UNREAL ENGINE 4 IF YOU SEE IT IN YOUR FILES

Imma just head straight to the point. 1. Addicting game, it has that CS:GO touch actually ngl 2. Add more modes and maps, the game becomes pretty boring if you play it continously 3. Bots are boring as well, they cant jump, they cant throw bombs etc 4. Edit: Forget what I said about the perks, slowmo is okay for me but overall, this game is a great time killer and if you want to bully bots for fun, well this game is for you. Oh and btw I love the death ragdoll animation XD it gives me the laughs

Nice game and all, but it would be nice if there will be a customization for layouts controls where we can customize our own layouts and use what we’re comfortable with. The controls are really hard for me so it would be nice if that feature will be added.

Great Game! I play this game over a year now and i play it with my siblings… And I Have Some Update Ideas to say and some Bug Fixes.(if you can do it) my suggestion is that the reload animation will be improved like the animation when we reloading Guns in First Person. can you change Bombmode Bomb will be a C4? you need to press a button in order to plant the Bomb,and the animation of it is clicking a button to set the timer. A New Map Called D-Day. Winchester Texture in Other player View

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