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[App] Tusk – flexible task and habit manager

Tusk  Tusk is a flexible task scheduler that makes getting things done easier and more enjoyable.

Tusk will help you with tasks such as:
Exercise regularly
Read more books
Schedule visits to the dentist
Don’t forget to pay bills
Tidy up the house
Party with friends a couple of times a month
… and many others.

The application allows you to keep a list of tasks for the day, build schedules, set notifications and track the execution of tasks on the calendar.

Why use Tusk?

The application allows you to set flexible execution schedules for tasks: on certain days of the week, several times a week, several times a month, several times a year, every day, at arbitrary intervals, and more!

Tasks are created in a simple and intuitive interface. There is a short tutorial on the basics of working with the application.

Choose colors and icons for your tasks from a rich and constantly updated set of images. If you have not found the image you need – write to us and we will add it!
A dark theme is also available.

Ready-made templates
We have prepared a catalog of popular tasks that you can take as a basis.

To inspire you reach new heights, we’ve added achievements to the app. Each badge, is a reflection of you own success, so what about enter this challenge?

Premium features
We believe that the free version of Tusk has great functionality and can be used to the fullest. But for those who want more, we have prepared a number of premium features: cloud sync, sync with Google Calendar, additional colors, lock screen, and many more!

Become more organized and productive with our task and habits planner!

Tusk user reviews :

I like the concept and it looks better than another task habit app i currently have but i cant seem to figure out how in the world to mark a task as completed. So is basically, it is useless. I just now updated it thinking it was not working bc it needed a update. Nope. It still doesn’t have anywhere to check that i completed the task.
  • ULSoft
  • Hello, Laura! To complete a task, swipe the task card to the right. To skip a task, swipe the task card to the left. For more questions please contact us at support[at]tusk.best
This is my favourite to-do app ever. Love how customisable it is, and the design is neat. I’ve been using this app daily for almost two months now, and it’s really helped my productivity. My rating is 5 stars, but I’m super bummed that I still can’t see the red and green bars in the calendar on the task page. Seeing when I last completed a certain task really motivates me to continue. Was planning on purchasing premium, but will wait for this feature to be fixed.
  • ULSoft
  • Thank you for your feedback! Please try to do following: go to “Settings” – “Rebuild application cache”. If it doesn’t help, please contact us using “report a bug” function in the Settings. We’ll help you!
I have never seen such a well thought and simplest design. Everything is very much well organized and the icons are so soothing. And you can create unlimited habits in the free version. Till now nothing found hope it keeps working like this.
  • ULSoft
  • Thank you so much for your feedback, Mridula! We highly appreciate it!
I am in love with this app. As I’m in recovery from Post-Concussion Syndrome, I have a difficult time staying on top of the myriad tasks and projects I have going on at any one time. Tusk has helped me break tasks and routines down to simple steps and restore order to my day and life Pros: 1. Clean, simple interface 2. Lots options for customization 3. Allows users to apply Kaizen principles for simpler organization Cons: 1. No export options 2. Desktop version could use improvement
  • ULSoft
  • Dear David, thank you for your full feedback! We are striving to improve our app and add a lot of new features! More features on Exports will be available by the end of September. Both Desktop and mobile versions are in active work now. Stay with us and get well soon! With love
I’ve only been using Tusk for a week, but I am IN LOVE! Other apps put pressure on me to complete my daily tasks, but Tusk doesn’t! If I don’t complete it on the assigned day, it simply moves to the next day which I love. I haven’t used the timed feature yet, but just adding tasks and ticking them off is very helpful. No other app I’ve tried had so many customizable options, so I can always find/create exactly what I need.
  • ULSoft
  • We appreciate your feedback, Belinda! There will be more features in the future and other improvement! Stay with Tusk

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