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[Game] My Reaper Girlfriend – Moe Anime Girlfriend

My Reaper Girlfriend  One day, you’re just an average high school student. The next day… A reaper’s assistant?!

You were living a normal life as a student, but on the way home from school one day, you see the girl you have a crush on about to be hit by a car! You jump in and manage to save her just in time… But unfortunately, you take the hit! You wake up to find that your soul has left your body and two grim reapers, who happen to be very cute girls, show up to take you to the afterlife. Knowing that you saved your crush’s life, you’re okay with moving on… However, the reapers are impressed by your sacrifice and decide to bring you back under one condition: You become their assistant reaper!

You agree to their proposal and wake up in bed back home, thinking it was all a dream. But when the two reapers show up asking you to report for duty, you quickly realize you might of bit off more than you can chew… Will you be able to help them with their mission to collect souls? Will you be able to find out why two cute girls like them became grim reapers? Will your crush discover your secret?

Find out in My Reaper Girlfriend!


This reaper is what you’d call a tsundere. She’s tough on you at first, but eventually, she begins to open up to you. However, you learn that she wasn’t always a reaper… Will you be able to unlock the secrets of her heart?

Elsa is Marie’s boss and takes her duties as a reaper very seriously. Getting along with her proves difficult, but maybe if you can prove your abilities as an assistant, she’ll be a little nicer…

Your crush and also your classmate, Mika seems like your average high school girl. But it turns out, she has a tendency to find herself in life-threatening situations. It seems there’s something supernatural going on… But will she find out about your new job?

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My Reaper Girlfriend user reviews :

Im a top fan of what you do, and always playing your games, I even played all of it and it was amazing but i just have one problem. The reason that i cannot enjoy all of it in the fullest because of the premium choices. I just want to suggest that you should lower the gems cost or maybe put another minigame like a running game, also pls reduce the points needed to exchange gems. Thanks i’ll be looking forward in your next game and will always support you.

Thank you for game.. the game is awesome an the story lines are amazing but the only problem is the mini game it’s boring .. and kinda would be wonderful if u add in a more exciting mini game .. I bet I’m not the only one who feels this way about the mini game…

I played through a few of your games already, but this is by far the one i like least. My character is annoying and all the free choices just ended up sounding dumb. You either end up feeling like a total jerk or feel embarrassed of your character with every free choice. The only reason why i kept the 2 stars was because of the storyline, plot as well as the design of the 3 female leads all being the only saving grace for this game

Similar to the vampire game, non payable options make you come off as incredibly rude. Which i hate! And its directed to Elsa espescially! Why? At this point i’m just trying to bare with it and see the ending but i feel guilty as hell being rude to the girls. I’ve played basically almost all of the other romance games and they’re fine. I enjoyed them. Non payable options don’t turn you into a jerk. I wish that applied for this game as well.

Great game, good experience but you have to wait for tickets and the chapters are quite short. btw some tips to go good i the game: 1. Try not buy premium choices too frequently (you waste much) 2. Grind for rubies when the tickets are getting respawn 3. How to exchange points to rubies: go to shop and then to exchange, it will give you the exchange value so you can exchange points for rubies

It’s nowhere near one of my favorites, but I vastly enjoyed this game. It was very very fun to play. I just hated how much of a jerk this game made you feel like if you didn’t choose the premium option. Like for one, you have to choose to comfort and kiss Elsa and let her tell you her story (or else you never hear it) or you choose to tell her “Yeah actually no, I don’t care about your story.” Or something like that. Still 5 stars for the story and emotional effect.

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